Wendy MacNaughton, Meanwhile in San Francisco: The City In Its Own Words

I’m not jealous of many of my artist friends, but I’m jealous of Wendy.

We both had books come out recently, and they’re both doing pretty well, but her book is an actual WORK OF ART, while mine is ABOUT the work of art.

Why is Wendy so good? She draws her ass off.


She’s out on the street with a pen and her watercolors, finding stories out in the world. Real stories. She’s doing the work I thought I’d be doing years ago, but somehow got away from.

I’m proud to be her friend, I’m proud of her book, and I’m ready to follow her example and start drawing again.

Time to make art and not just talk about it.

Get this book.

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my friend austin is very generous with his praise, and i’m proud to be his friend. and dammit if SHOW YOUR WORK isn’t the best book on how to get your work out there around, and if i’d only follow his advice Meanwhile might be a best-seller like his book is. proud of you and love you, austin!